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Flex-A-Lite Syclone S Blade Fan - 14"

Flex-A-Lite Syclone S Blade Fan - 14\"
14" Flex-A-Lite Syclone S Blade fan. 1500 cfm S-Blades mean power and efficiency.

The swoopy, highly curved scimitar blades in Flex-a-lite's Syclone S-Blade electric fans mean that they're very quiet and efficient. What's more, they can recover up to 17 HP and 20 ft.-lbs. of torque that are stolen by typical belt-driven fans. Syclones can be used as primary or auxiliary fans, and they're reversible, too. So they can push or pull the air, and lots of it--up to 2,500 cfm--while drawing just 17 amps.
These fans mount through the radiator core, and come with rugged nylon shrouds engineered to withstand high temperatures.
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