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Magoo's 32 Ford Chassis - Stage III

Because each chassis is built to the individual specifications of the customer, and tailored to your needs and personal tastes, it is not possible to provide a quote without further details and discussion. However, as a guide line, our Stage I chassis is approx $6000, Stage II $14000, and Stage III $18000. Having said that, think of each stage as a smorgasboard, where you can pick and choose options, add and delete items.


*Stage I/II Chassis
*Engine Mounts
*Trans Mount
*Steering Box (Ed Juniors)
*Pitman Arm
*Drag Link and Tie Rod Ends
*Rear Disc Kit (Wilwood)
*4 Piston Front Disc Brake Kit (Wilwood)
*Drive Shaft Safety Loop

All Magoos chassis are built in a jig to NZLTA Certification specs, including unground welds, fishplates, crush tubes and provision for seatbelt mounts.

Each chassis is custom built, and the price can vary considerably according to whether the purchaser wants all the listed components, and how complete they want the chassis.

Please enquire for pricing.
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