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Ford Flathead V8 Builders Handbook

Ford Flathead V8 Builders Handbook
From stock rebuilds to high-horsepower modified engines, this book delivers instructions on every facet of rebuilding your flathead V8. Crystal-clear photos make every step easy to understand and follow, including block reconditioning, new oil seals, manifolds, superchargers and electronic ignitions. Contains essential details on how to install later-model flatheads into early model chassis, plus where to buy parts. Rebuild all Ford or Mercury V8 flatheads for stock or high performance Down-to-earth facts help you select components like an expert.

Everything you must know about:
Boring, stroking, porting & relieving, & balancing
Camshaft selection available today
Pistons & crankshafts - which are best and why
Aftermarket cylinder heads and manifolds
Headers, ignitions, airflow secrets, cooling know-how
Install late-model flatheads into early chassis
and much more

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