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Driving Me Wild: Nitro-powered Outlaw Culture!

Driving Me Wild: Nitro-powered Outlaw Culture!
“Definitely the most comprehensive documentary retrospective on everything relative to the hopped-up internal combustion scene….”
—Street Rodder

"Driving Me Wild is an objective survey of Americas love/hate preoccupations with the souped up internal combustion engine and the modified vehicle it goes in. Leah Kerr fully explores the resurgence of fascination with todays auto fetish."
—Robert Williams, artist

"Leah Kerr carries the reader into a parallel universe where the atmospherenitromethane!sustains edgy and sublime sorts of art and ingenuity. There is great reading on every page, and real passion, too, as when Leah decries the greed, commercialism and favoritism that threaten to strangle the soul of car culture".
—Bob Post, author of High Performance: The Culture and Technology of Drag Racing and curator emeritus, Smithsonian Institution

"The best thing about Driving Me Wild is not only is it a great book about Drag Racing, it also includes everything that goes along with it: the music, the movies, the whole experience. No one else puts you right in the drivers seat like Leah does!
—Mike LaVella, editor/publisher Gearhead Magazine

Think flames! Think passion! Think pleasure that quakes your insides as you inhale addictive blasts of nitro, mainlining the hazardous elixir of speed and power! This is not your grandads classic car book.

Hot rods are America's god-given inheritance to freely partake in risky behavior. Meet wrench-twirling, retro-outfitted tattooed babes who rev your pulse! Ogle neuron-twisting surrealistic lowbrow art! Discover the daredevil geniuses who invented drag racing! Heres your introduction to visionary women and minorities and backyard mechanics who carry on the tradition of individuality and, Yes They Will Race For Food!
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