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Edelbrock 94 Carburetor

Edelbrock 94 Carburetor
For years hot rodders have had to put up with old, worn out, leaky carbs, but the good news is Edelbrock is now remanufacturing an improved version of the original carburetor.

Go back to the past with Edelbrock for today's high performance 94 carburetors. These simple but effective made-in-the-USA mixers offer your period-correct hot rod or restoration an accurate solution with superior performance.

Featuring die-cast bowls and air horns with aluminum 3-bolt bases, Edelbrock 94 carburetors have extended throttle shafts to make it easier to set up dual and triple carburetor combinations. Plus, both on-road runs and in-house dyno testing allow Edelbrock to provide power valve and jetting combinations that deliver a wide calibration band for ultimate performance in various applications.

They're finished with a zinc-dichromate coating, giving you durable, classic looks to complement your ride. What's your induction system of choice? For vintage hot rod applications, your choice should come with a name you know and trust--Edelbrock 94 carburetors.
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