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Vintage Air SuperFlow Horizontal Condenser

Vintage Air SuperFlow Horizontal Condenser
The cool people at Vintage Air technology have done it again! Defining their commitment to creating superior products, Vintage Air offers these SuperFlow condensers. These condensers have a unique micro tube design with improved refrigerant flow to provide much more capacity than any other comparable tube and fin condenser. By providing increased refrigerant contact with the micro tube walls and multiple passes per circuit, SuperFlow condensers furnish more sufficient flow for a more efficient system and much cooler air. Vintage Air SuperFlow condensers are available in horizontal models, which are perfect for late model cars. They offer more grille area and vertical models for those tight spots in your classic street rod, and most include universal mount bracket kits. Oh, and by the way, increased condenser capacity means that more heat is dissipated, pressure drops, and your compressor turns more easily.

Black aluminum, 22" x 14" x .830"
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